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Making Your Ice Experience Better

We have brought the best technology to your ice experience. Ice Now utilizes amazing tools that will improve your efficiency and make your team happy.

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Predictable Dispatch

Our merchandisers are equipped with technology that provides us with Real-Time ice levels in your merchandiser. This information is relayed to our dispatch and our algorithms predict the next time to deliver ice. Our customers with a merchandiser do not have to call for ice, we know ice levels at all times. Additionally, merchandisers have temperature sensors and communication controls to alert us if temperature rises in the box or if its unplugged.

If your team or a customer has a surge in ice demand, we are alerted immediately and can refill box before you run out of product.


The Uber of Ice

Ice Now takes communication with our customers to the next level. When our drivers are on their way, you will receive immediate communication via text message.  From there you can view the driver on a map and see their ETA. We are like the Uber for Ice! Give us a call today at 602-288-8357 to see the experience.

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